About me

Hello & thank you for visiting! I'm Yvonne. I live in Zaandam, the Netherlands, I'm on the verge of 40, mamma to an awesome four-and-a-half-year-old boy, and I'm an artist. There. I said it ;)

I don't have any formal art training, but I draw a lot. I draw black outlines most of the time, and while that's solidly my 'style', it's something I argue with, too. I use fine liners or black India ink with different kind of dip pens - including a porcupine quill. I love colour, and use much - watercolours are my first love, but I also play with Inktense and regular coloured pencils. And I use lettering, too - to lift the image to mean what I need to convey

I draw at my dinner table studio, and I sketch outside sometimes. I draw what I see; moments and still lives. I often try to illustrate 'being human', in image and text. I draw and write about being a little lost at times, and about moments when we need to know we're not alone. Life offers potholes & solid pancake days, and I like to look for the smile that hides in between - there where it seems there isn't space for one. I like to make myself think & think again, and I hope what I see speaks. Of course you're free to see what you see, and take away what you need.

You can reach me through email, with questions or comments.